On this website I present information about, and analysis of, methods for preventing shark attacks or "shark interactions."

The website is named for the technology that people in Australia seem to have the most hope for as being both effective and environmentally responsible: the "SMART drumline."

At present, the website hosts the following:

1. A report of a study on how to solve the shark problem in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

This paper is available in DRAFT form now only in PDF (~50 pages). A final version should be available about August 19.

The final version will also be available here in HTML.

2. A paper that describes one variation of what I consider to be a new class of shark control methods. This is "The Breaking Waves Shark Control System."

This paper can be read here in HTML and is also available in PDF (~45 pages) in either A4 paper size or Letter paper size.

The cartoon below characterizes how the "breaking waves" system could work:

3. A related paper discusses the application of the breaking waves system to Cape Cod, Massachusetts as part of a "two layer" system that also includes SONAR.

This paper can be read here in HTML and is also available in PDF (~25 pages.) .

4. Also on the site is a discussion about How Low Probability Events Can Mess With Your Mind.